Office Cleaning in North York


Master Clean Now is a professional cleaning company that services multiple commercial complexes in North York.

Primarily office cleaning in North York is an established and well maintained service. We have outlined a list of procedures that is presented to our client prior to providing them with the service of office cleaning.

The client is welcome to modify and edit the list as they see fit. The list of procedures that our staff scrupulously pays attention to and your special requests are always at a high priority.

Having years of experience of office cleaning in North York we have gained an understanding of what procedures, tools and products need to be utilized to maintain an office clean and fresh.

Depending on the size of your office, the number of staff, clientele and general traffic we are able to estimate the amount of time needed for the service and the frequency that is necessary to maintain a healthy and productive place for you and your colleagues to work at. It has been established by studies that the performance of staff largely depends on how clean, organized and fresh their workspace is.

The moods generally tend to be better, the mind more clear and less distractions lead to more productivity. This has been confirmed by our clients and we are very happy to have this positive input into their professional lives.

If you are currently seeking for a reliable, professional and efficient office cleaning in North York, give us a call today. You will not be disappointed with the quality of our services. We have plenty of reference available upon your request !